Golden Monkey

    The Golden Monkey is one of the most beautiful and rare animals in the world.

    The Golden monkey has a soft pelt, a round head, short ears and a tail as long as or longer than its body length. Golden Monkeys vary in length between 57 and 76 centimetres with a tail of up to 72 centimetres long. A pair of bright and beautiful eyes sparkle on its azure-blue face. It has a small snub-nose and a sarcoma at the corner of its mouth, which becomes bigger and harder with time. Its long tresses resemble shiny, gold wool.

    The Golden monkey is an endangered species and faces a range of ongoing threats and the persisting effects of past disturbances, including habitat loss, human predation and the biological vulnerability associated with having the entire species occur in eleven small, isolated populations. As is true for other forest dwelling monkeys, Golden monkeys fall prey to leopards. Other potential predators include snakes and birds of prey.